The results are in…. A round of golf at Williston Golf Club Averages Just Four Hours and Nine Minutes.

 "The pace of play is excellent, our group played in 4 hours and 5 minutes. I had enough time after
the round to relax in the clubhouse, before returning home to start on my "honey-do" list!!"
-- Gary Watson, Williston, VT

Each day we track our rounds to make sure that visitors and members are “sticking with the program” . Take a look at the results below and you'll see that Williston Golf Club is without question, the fastest public round of golf in the area.

Williston Golf Club Pace of Play Results - Monitored Rounds* for the month of June 2018


 Morning Rounds
 Afternoon Rounds
   All Rounds  
 4hr 3m
 4hr 6m
 4hr 4m
 3hr 51m
 4hr 8m
 4hr 1m
 3hr 58m
 4hr 12m
 4hr 7m
 4hr 1m
 4hr 6m
 4hr 4m
 4hr 7m
 4hr 15m
 4hr 11m
 4hr 13m
 4hr 22m
 4hr 18m
 4hr 22m
 4hr 10m
 4hr 16m
 All Month
 4hr 5m
 4hr 12m
 4hr 9m

* a Monitored round is one round each hour throughout the day that is tracked from beginning to end. The averages are based on the monitored rounds only.

Golfer Gridlock: NO - Golfer Happiness: YES

Call us today at (802) 878-3747 to book your tee time and play the most enjoyable round of golf in the area!!!

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