Member Handbook

The following is some important information that will be useful to Members of Williston Golf Club.


Weekdays - Members may call to reserve 4 days in advance. Non-Members may call to reserve 3 days in advance.

Weekends / Holidays - Members may reserve a starting time by submitting a request. All requests must be placed in the box by, no later than 4:00pm, the Monday prior to the coming weekend. Reservations may also be made by telephone for both Members and Non-members Starting at 7:00am on Wednesdays.

* We reserve 50% of our weekend starting times for Members and their Guests. A random draw of your requests will be performed based upon the time you have circled on the card. Starting times will be issued in equity. Starting Times will be posted by Tuesday at 6:00pm. Our goal is to assign you a starting time as close as possible to the time you have requested. Please remember that we receive more requests than we can accommodate. Generally, you will be assigned a Starting Time within 1 hour of your request.

* Starting Time Requests can only be submitted by you or a member of your group. WGC Staff cannot submit a request for you. In the event that you have been unable or forgot to submit a request, you may reserve a Starting Time by telephone or at the counter starting at 7:00am on Wednesdays.


No Show’s - It is unfortunate when a group does not arrive with all of their scheduled players and we have refused starting times to other Members and/or Guests. Please keep the Golf Shop informed of changes and cancellations to your Starting Time

All Players must register in the Golf Shop - Everyone will start on #1 tee unless permission has been given to start elsewhere. It is essential that the Golf Shop attendant is aware of who is here so that we can:   
1. Keep the First Tee on schedule
2. Easily locate you on the course in the event of an emergency.
3. Compare our Daily Play records to your posting of scores on GHIN.

Arrive at the Golf Course at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled Starting Time. All groups must be ready when called to the 1st tee. If all players are not present, you have two options:
1. Start play and the late player(s) may join you on the course.
2. Forfeit your time, you will be given the next available starting time.


Our goal is to ensure that everyone will enjoy their day. Maintenance of a proper pace is essential to the enjoyment of the game of golf. The USGA has established a pace par of 4 hours and 5 minutes for our course.

All groups are required to maintain USGA pace time and/or maintain your position directly behind the group you in front of you. 

The Golf Shop and Ranger will record each groups actual Starting Time. Your Starting Time is when the first player in your group tees off. Each groups pace will be monitored using a matrix which indicates where your group should be on the course at any given time in relation to your starting time. The concept is that the first group of the day is the pacesetter and all subsequent groups should maintain the pace behind the group in front of them.

In the event that your group falls behind, you will asked to pick up the pace and close the gap between you and the group ahead. Understanding that it is sometimes difficult to close the gap once you have fallen behind, your group may be asked to discontinue play, skip a hole and restart play directly behind the group ahead.



An acceptable pace time for each event will be determined based upon format, playing ability and size of field. Due to the significance of these events, a little more time per hole may be allotted. Adjusted Pace Pars will appear on each players scorecard. The first group of the Tournament must set the proper pace and each of the following groups must maintain the pace directly behind the group in front of them. Your group will be considered out of position when it arrives to a tee and the group ahead has completed that hole. Please do not allow a friendly request for your assistance in picking up the pace to interfere with your enjoyment of the round. We understand that someone may have had a difficult hole causing the delay, You will be given 15 minutes to catch up to the group ahead. If your group has not caught up after 15 minutes You may be asked to skip a hole, no penalty will be applied, you may complete the skip hole(s) after completion of the 18th hole.



The Williston Golf Club will conduct annual Club Tournaments for both Men and Ladies including Club Championship, Member - Guest, Member - Member, Match - Play, Monthly Mixed Scramble and Memorial Tournaments. Each Event will have a published Information and Entry Form Sheet available at the Golf Shop.
In addition, Members should understand the following:

Participants must have a current USGA Handicap. In equity, the Professional Staff may assign a handicap to a player based upon trend, recent scores and a brief interview determining the players golf ability. Any assigned handicap will be a very conservative estimate, meaning it will be lower than what the players handicap would be if established by the USGA. This will generally be used to determine handicaps for Guests that do not have an established handicap and new Members who have not posted enough scores to establish a handicap.

Tournament Entry Forms along with Entry Fee must be submitted to the Golf Shop prior to the posted entry deadline. Generally, the deadline to sign up for tournaments is the Monday prior to the event at 4pm. This allows the Professional staff enough time to prepare and customize the tournament.

Players will not be added to Tournament after entry deadline. The event format, flights, pairings and starting times are determined by the number of players and their handicaps. To add players requires the staff to go back and redo previously completed work, Basically starting over from the beginning. It also effects the other players in the event as it may change their posted starting time and flight assignment .

Staff Members of the Williston Golf Club are considered Members and are entitled to participate in club tournaments. They will not be awarded Membership Credits for the club championships. These awards will be deferred to the next place finisher.


6 - USGA Rules and Local Rules posted in clubhouse apply to Club Tournaments

Severe or Dangerous Weather Contingency:
If the weather is questionable on a tournament day, the decision to play, postpone, not play, etc…. will be made by the committee no sooner than the first starting time of the tournament. No matter how poor the weather forecast, all participants should plan on the tournament proceeding as scheduled. All tournaments will make the best effort to complete play. Stipulated rounds may be modified to a specific number of holes determined by the Committee in an effort to conduct an “official event“. If the tournament is cancelled due to unplayable course conditions and/or dangerously severe weather, then the event may be rescheduled. If it is not possible to reschedule due to a full calendar, then the event will be cancelled for the year and entry fees refunded.



The purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of different abilities to compete on an equitable basis.

Members wishing to play in any WGC, VPGA, VGA or VSWGA event must maintain a Handicap and are required to post scores for all rounds. You may use the computer in the Golf Shop or go online to

The Handicap Committee will conduct audits, comparing daily play records to posted scores. A committee member with the concurrence of the professional staff, may post a score equal to the lowest of the last twenty scores for any player who has not posted a score for the day being audited.

Scores should be posted in a timely manner to insure accuracy and maintain the integrity of the Handicap System.

Incomplete or Partial Rounds: If 13 or more holes are played, a score should be entered, taking par plus handicap strokes for each hole to complete scorecard. If 7 - 12 holes are played a 9 hole score should be entered, using the par plus procedure.

On conceded or unfinished holes during match-play and/or best ball, enter a “most likely” score you would have made if the hole was played out. Conceded holes are not considered a valid reason for failing to post a score.

Do not post a score if the round is not played in accordance with the rules of golf. In scrambles and scotch ball events, golfers do not play their own ball, and should not enter a score for these situations.

Use Equitable Stroke Control to keep exceptionally bad holes from disproportionately altering your Handicap Index. See ESC Table posted at Handicap Computer.

The Handicap Committee welcomes your comments and suggestions. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Handicap Committee:
Brad Chirgwin - Chairperson
Wendy Drollette
Doug Hoffer
Pam Shover
Kathy Mee
Dave Mee

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